How Associates Get Paid

associates .While it can be fun recommending products to friends and readers, the whole purpose of becoming an Amazon Associate is so that we can get paid. Payments are two months behind the current month

Amazon offers Associates three payment options:

Payment by Check

Checks are mailed to the mailing address you gave them when you signed up. Always make sure that your mailing address is correct if you prefer payment by check. There is a minimum $100 payment threshold, so it may be a while before you receive a check from them.

Payment by Direct Deposit

You may give Amazon Associates your bank information, and they will deposit your Associate Fees directly into your bank account. This is a convenient and much faster way to receive your payments. There is a $10 minimum payment threshold, which makes this a good option for many.

Payment by Amazon Gift Card/Code

If you do a lot of purchasing on Amazon and you’re not looking to turn your Associates account and blog into a business-like income, Gift Cards are a great option. I was paid via gift card for several years and was very thankful for the easy way to purchase curriculum, household items, and ACER LAPTOP books from my Gift Card balance. There is a $10 minimum for Gift Cards too.

The good news here is that you are never locked into one payment option. If you opt to receive checks by mail, and then notice your Fee Balance is hovering under that for the long period of time, you can change it. Here is how to set it up:

Go into Associates Central and click Account Settings




Under Payment Information, click Change Payment Method

Select your desired method of payment. Enter your bank routing informations if opting for direct deposit.


amazon associate payment procedure

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